Have you been saving for that moment to be spontaneous? A stash of funds from a generous relative you’re itching to spend? Looking for an opportunity to try something new? Or, possibly that group get-away fell through? Whatever the reason, end this year (or start 2017) with an adventure underway. There is no better time than now, and we mean NOW to take advantage of the year-end and new year savings so give the best gift of all and treat yo self! Whether you’re winter ready or considering raising your Vitamin D levels there are some last minute deals with your name on it. Because you’re worth it. And so are they.

Here are our top list places and pieces to bring with you!

Oh Hello, Hawaii!

Oahu has the best of both worlds. Island life and cities vibes. Shop, Hike, Surf, Luau and more.

This is a no brainer - all you need to bring is a bathing suit, wrap, tote bag and sandal to get you all around the island.

Cabo is calling…

And he’s asking you to meet him at the pool. All-inclusive resort. Yeah, I said it. Grab your sunnies, a hat (the sun is strong!) and a slip dress and espadrille for easy walks to the oceanside and through the markets.



Ride it into the New Year

Can’t get away that quick? Get a jump on your spring ski plans and hit the slopes in the town of Dear Valley/Salt Lake City. Galleries, good eats and snow. CHECK. And for the gear: active wear for layering, an insulated coat and a sturdy boot. Everything else you can rent. Easy enough!