LAST LOOKS: Mix/Match/Pack 2015 to 2016

Who said you have to follow any rules in fashion, anyways? They are more like guidelines gathered by a select skilled group (You've seen the Devil Wears Prada, I assume) who take inspiration from cultures and the lifestyles we live from the streets and cities beyond each season to create a trend or looks.

We say, find a signature style that's yours by collecting from the places you've been and adventures you've had (or going to) with local items along the way. Or, when not traveling know what to wear, wherever you go.  

Prepare to carry over any of these styles in your carry-on to 2016!

Highlights of 2015 trends that are wear-anywhere-ready will get you going in the right direction. We've seen these styles and accents in seasons' gone so save your pennies and pick these styles to pack into the new year.


Not So Basics - Plain, Plaid and Pleats

Board Caption: Last year, we saw a lot of monochromatic looks (think 50 shades of gray tones), mixed prints and sharp silhouettes. This year, you can roll up your sleeves and redux with the best of the white (shirt/blouse), extend and expand with plaid and tighten your waistline with a knife pleat for basic added detail for mix and match, easy pack.



1. Oversized Cotton 2. Wrap Blouse 3. Checked Bow Blouse 4. Anglomania Print Skirt  5. Jerry Pleated Skirt 6. Sea Bleached Pleated Skirt 7. Plaid Blend Coat 8. Silk Organza Dress

Casual- Simple, Much?

Board Caption: It was all about the bling in 2015. From costume jewelry, statement pieces like skinny scarves and fur (faux) trimmings- now we see comfort and quirkiness all day-, the return of the pom-pom, remaining mule shoe and Pj's  in the daytime; that's multipurpose packing- a little space with a big style statement.

1. Kailua Beach Basket 2. Jocelyn Keychain 3. Sass Baseball Cap 4. Jenni Kayne Leopard Mule 5. Adrienne Vittadini Heba Mula 6. Embellished Satin Mules  7. FRS Printed Trousers

Accessories - Fringe Benefits

Board Caption: The fringe was in from 70's style to boho chic so don't yet retire this style.  2016 is packing more fringe from velvet to suede in coats, dresses down to the bags and shoes! It's the simple details that sometimes add the biggest flair.  

1. Scarf 2. Faux leather Tassel Tote 3. Sassy Sandals 4. Livia Midi Dress 5. Tassel Faux Leather Waist Belt 6. Fringe Slides 7. Drop Earrings

PYOP (Pack Your Own Pop)

Board Caption: Every summer and/or vacation time, we countdown to the reveal: which bright colors and pieces we'll pack to match. For the weekender traveler, bringing a handful of items is all we have to work with so why not pack the pop. This years' color is ORANGE! Mix in with florals, denim and sneakers for easy matching.

1. CB Station Canvas Weekender  2. Gold Design Scarf 3. Cotton Match Skirt 4. Smooth Tank 5. Obin Ankle Sandal 6. Mason Dress 7. Joshua Sanders Hat 8. Eve Bikini 9. Pleated Shorts 10. New Balance 696

Office and Out!

Board Caption: Suits, and Sets-Oh My! A lightweight way to tiptoe into trendy this year is with this androgynous and versatile street style. Plus, the layer and switch options while packing and prepping multiple looks make this easy-breezy your complete packing map from the office to the airport and back to the office by Monday!

Pair the blazer with jeans/skirt/dress, the slacks with a tank and flats to dress up and down you any suit set.

1. Max Mara Suit 2. Gigue Jeans Shirt 3. Grenadine Boot 4. Street Level Strap Bag 5. Le Suit 6. Le Weekend  7.Melinda Cami    8. Alexa Chung AG Jeans   9. International Nike 10.Sole Society Weekender


Last but not least! Shopping and planning what you wear, and where, is not only a good look but will save you big bucks! Score all-in travel and multi-purpose packing tips and trips to save time AND money for more fun, fashionably.  


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Stylist Melissa Lynn